How was Arden Park improved?

The project by the City of Edina and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District made the following improvements to Arden Park:

o    Improved water quality – the stormwater management features of this project  keep 30 pounds of phosphorus and 18,000 pounds of sediment out of Minnehaha Creek every year

o    Restored stream health and habitat – removing the 54th Street dam and re-meandering Minnehaha Creek restores over 2,100 feet of streambank, adds 230 feet of stream length, and creates diverse aquatic and terrestrial habitat

o    Four new creek accesses allow paddling, tubing, fishing, or wading

o    New park shelter and outdoor gathering space

o    Enhanced open space

o    Upgraded hockey rink

o    Expanded trail network and new boardwalk

o    400+ new trees planted

o    Invasive buckthorn and ash trees preventatively removed

o    Expanded pollinator habitat

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1. How was Arden Park improved?
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