What is Sustainability?

Sustainability in Edina is encompassed in the City Council’s Values Statement: “As the Edina City Council, we are dedicated to building a sustainable environment where current and future generations benefit from clean air and water, climate and community resiliency, and access to nature. 

We recognize that the City’s natural environment, and the health and quality of life of its residents are just as, or even more, important, than the financial factors. We will ensure that our policies, decisions and future plans have a positive impact on people and the planet, in addition to profit.”

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1. What is Sustainability?
2. How does sustainability fit in with existing City plans?
3. What else has Edina done in terms of sustainability?
4. Does Edina have a Community Solar Garden?
5. How can I make my yard and outdoor community greener?
6. How does Edina support local renewable energy use?
7. Where do I sign up for renewable energy subscriptions or install a solar array on my property?
8. Does Edina have any electric vehicle chargers?
9. Does Edina have any Organics Collection?
10. How is Edina managing water resources?
11. How can I get involved?