How can I get involved?

Visit VolunteerEdina to see what volunteer opportunities are open! 

Consider hosting a community meeting to introduce Edina's CAP and agree on actions your community can take.

The “CAP-in-a-Box” toolbox is designed to help any community member introduce Edina’s Climate Action Plan to a small group and lead a discussion of ideas for strategies and activities they can do to help fight climate change. Community groups in Edina and community members interested in spreading the word and taking action on climate change should use this toolbox. Community groups may include interest groups like garden clubs, recreation leagues, youth groups, faith communities, civic groups or neighborhood groups. 

Click here to check out the Resource box on the right-hand side of the site, called “Host a CAP-in-a-box at your next community meeting!”

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1. What is Sustainability?
2. How does sustainability fit in with existing City plans?
3. What else has Edina done in terms of sustainability?
4. Does Edina have a Community Solar Garden?
5. How can I make my yard and outdoor community greener?
6. How does Edina support local renewable energy use?
7. Where do I sign up for renewable energy subscriptions or install a solar array on my property?
8. Does Edina have any electric vehicle chargers?
9. Does Edina have any Organics Collection?
10. How is Edina managing water resources?
11. How can I get involved?