How is climate change already having an impact on Edina?

Climate change is a global phenomenon with local impacts.  It presents one of the most profound challenges of our time. There is broad, international consensus among climate scientists that the Earth’s climate system is being destabilized because of increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Two changes to Minnesota’s climate are occurring already: shorter winters with fewer cold extremes, and more heavy and extreme precipitation.

The primary changes to climate characteristics for the City of Edina specifically include:

  • Warmer annual average temperatures with significant warming in winter months
  •  Increase in extreme heat days
  •  Increase in heavy rain fall events, and corresponding flood potential
  •  Increase in time between precipitation and drought potential
  • Greater variability in temperature and precipitation trends

From 1980 through 2018, the City has experienced:

  • an increase in annual average temperature
  • an increase in the number of days above 95 degrees
  • an increase in the number of heavy rain events
  • a decrease in the number of days below 32 degrees

Some of the most significant changes in the climate relate to variability.  

Climate variability can be seen in the changes in annual precipitation for Edina. Overall annual precipitation has increased; however, this increase is not evenly distributed throughout the year. Fall and winter precipitation have increased up to 15.5%, while spring and summer precipitation have remained nearly unchanged. The City’s climate is anticipated to continue to warm through this century and beyond.  

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1. How is climate change already having an impact on Edina?
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