What can my family and I do?

There are many things that you and your family can do! The Climate Action Plan has eight different sectors with corresponding goals and strategies. Start with finding ways to reduce your impact in each area: Transportation, Energy, Waste, Water, Local Food, Greenspace, Climate Health, and Economy. There are also additional resources on the Better Together site that provide actionable items for individuals, students, groups, etc. to participate in. You can find these resources and the full Climate Action Plan here!

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1. How is climate change already having an impact on Edina?
2. Climate change is a global issue – what can one community/family/person even make a difference?
3. What is the Climate Action Plan?
4. How was the plan developed – and by whom?
5. How is the City tracking progress on climate actions?
6. What can my family and I do?
7. I'm ready to get involved in climate action! How can I host a CAP-in-a-Box meeting?