Is there a cap on the funding amount available per project?

There is no cap on the funding amount at this time. The City Manager approves annual fund allocations.

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1. Is there a cap on the funding amount available per project?
2. Who receives the cost share funds?
3. Can I stack incentives?
4. What if I have to wait for an Energy Audit? Can I go ahead and apply for the CAP Fund if I know what projects I want to do?
5. I want to apply for a solar cost-share, but do not wish to undertake any energy efficiency projects. Can I still apply?
6. Can I apply for the cost share program at the same time I apply for the permits, or do I need permit approval before I apply?
7. Can the solar contractor or energy assessor submit the application on behalf of the property owner?
8. I already received a different energy assessment not listed above. Am I eligible for the cost share?
9. Does a project have to begin after the Climate Action Fund application is approved?
10. My project was completed before 2022, when the Climate Action Fund was approved by City Council. Can I receive cost share funds?
11. I want to install a high-efficiency clothes dryer, is there cost-share funding from the Climate Action Fund for this project?