Are there any predatory offenders in the community, and where do they live?

Approximately 19,000 registered predatory offenders lived in Minnesota as of January 2020. State law limits public notification of sex offenders to what’s known as Level 3 offenders, those who are deemed more likely to reoffend.

Search for Level 3 offenders by city, county, name or zip code on the state’s sex offender tracking site.

If a Level 3 offender moved in to Edina, that would require a community notification meeting and a public notice published in the Edina Sun-Current along with other notification methods.

Learn more about community notification and how to protect your family from sex offenders on the state’s Community Notification information page.

For more information, contact Edina Police Detective Kenna Dick at 952-826-0491. For information about noncompliant registered predatory offenders, see the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension site.

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