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1. Do part-time workers have to buy a permit?
2. Where can employees park?
3. What are the types of permits for 2020 and their cost?
4. What is the difference between "Regular" and "Premium" permits?
5. Do I have to purchase permits online?
6. How long can I park with a permit?
7. When are parking rules enforced?
8. Why isn't parking free?
9. Why doesn’t my employer pay for my permit?
10. Where do I park if I am not working but shopping at 50th & France?
11. I work on the Minneapolis side of 50th & France. Where can I park?
12. What if I don’t want to park in the ramps?
13. I have a disability plate; where can I park?
14. Where do I place the permit in my car?
15. What happens if I get a new car?
16. What happens if I don't buy a permit?
17. What if I receive a parking ticket?
18. What if I forgot to display the permit?
19. What are the "after hours" rules for the Premium parking stalls?
20. What if I have an idea to make parking better?