How do I make a birthday party reservation online?

Reserve for a birthday party online. Note: If you  are a 1st time user (never purchased a program, membership or party on  this module), you will need to create an account first. If you have an  account already, simply log in and then under Facility Type choose  Edinborough Birthday Party sites. Amenities section- does not apply to  Edinborough Park birthdays.

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1. How do I make a birthday party reservation online?
2. Is the birthday child counted as one of my ten guests?
3. I would like to have more than 20 people attend my birthday party, what do I do?
4. Can kids come early/stay late for my party? What do I do with all my party supplies?
5. If I bring in my own food and it needs to be heated, is there a place I can warm food at Edinborough Park?
6. Can I have food delivered to Edinborough Park? Is food available for purchase at the park?
7. If I have more than ten children attending my party, what is the fee for additional wristbands?
8. Can I decorate my birthday party site?