Where can employees park?

Employees with valid "Regular" permits (annual, quarterly or daily) can park in:

  • North Ramp, Levels 3 or 4 only
  • South Ramp, rooftop only

Employees with "Premium" permits can park in:

  • South Ramp, lowest level
  • North Ramp, designated areas of Levels 1 and 2

Employees with Rooftop permits can park in: 

  • North Ramp, Level 4 spaces that are exposed to the sky

Overnight permit holders can park in:

  • North Ramp, lower level

Please note that South "Premium" permits aren't valid in the North ramp and North "Premium" permits aren't valid in the South ramp. Regular permit holders can park in any regular permit area in either ramp. Regular permits are not valid in Premium spaces.

Surface parking is intended for customers. The most convenient locations are also reserved for customer use. Signs are posted in the ramps to clarify employee parking areas.

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