Why is Edina offering cricket?

The Parks & Recreation Department strives to offer activities that reflect the diverse interests in our entire community. Some residents already are playing cricket on park fields, and we have received many requests to start an Edina league.

Some experienced cricket players have offered their assistance to help launch the league and teach people the game. With their help, we are able to offer our residents this opportunity to play or try out a new sport.

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1. Why is Edina offering cricket?
2. Why offer tape ball cricket?
3. I'm interested in trying to play cricket but what if I know nothing about the game?
4. Can you give me a quick rundown of the rules?
5. What if I don't have equipment or a uniform?
6. What if I try to play and break a cricket rule or do something wrong?
7. Can I just come and watch a game?
8. Will you have an introductory clinic?