What’s the history of groundwater contamination in Edina?

In the early 2000s, Well 7, a well in Sherwood Park drawing from the Prairie du Chien/Jordan Aquifer, tested above the Maximum Contaminant Level set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for vinyl chloride, a colorless organic gas with a sweet odor. At that time, Well No. 7 was a seasonal well and was operated only in the summer.

Well 7 was shut down in early October 2003 and was not turned on again until after a high-capacity treatment plant was built at the Danen’s Building at 5120 Brookside Ave. in 2012. The plant is equipped with an aeration system specially designed to filter out volatile organic compounds. The treatment plant is Water Treatment Facility No. 6. It treats four of the City’s 18 wells, including Well 7.

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1. Is Edina’s drinking water safe?
2. Who sets the standard for Edina’s drinking water?
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4. What’s the history of groundwater contamination in Edina?
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26. Are you really sure my drinking water is safe?
27. What’s next?