What's next for the Comprehensive Plan?

The City Council approved the Comprehensive Plan at its Dec. 3, 2019 meeting. The Plan has been sent to the Metropolitan Council to review for completeness. Once the plan has been deemed as complete, the Metropolitan Council has 120 calendar days to complete its review and take final action on the plan. Once the plan has been approved by Metropolitan Council, the City Council will pass a resolution sometime in 2020 formally adopting the plan.

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1. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
2. What are the chapters of the Comprehensive Plan?
3. What's next for the Comprehensive Plan?
4. Why is Edina updating its Comprehensive Plan?
5. Where can I get updates about the Comprehensive Plan?
6. Who leads the process to update the Comprehensive Plan?
7. How does the City use the Comprehensive Plan?
8. How many meetings did the City have to update the Comprehensive Plan?
9. What is the Metropolitan Council’s role in the Edina Comprehensive Plan?
10. What is the Metropolitan Council? How are members chosen?
11. The Metropolitan Council has given the City some forecasts about future growth. What if the City doesn’t agree with those forecasts?
12. When was the last time the City approved a Comprehensive Plan?
13. What changed from the 2008 Comprehensive Plan?
14. Which consultants worked on the 2018 Comprehensive Plan and what were their roles?
15. What is a small area plan?
16. Did other jurisdictions have any comments on the proposed Comprehensive Plan?
17. Can the Comprehensive Plan be amended? If so, how?
18. When will work begin on the 2028 Comp Plan?