What are the benefits of organics recycling?
  • Reduces trash. Organic materials make up roughly 25 percent of our current waste stream.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions. As organic materials decompose in landfills, they generate methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Diverting organics to composting helps to reduce landfill methane emissions.
  • Improves soil and protects water. When added to the soil, it reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides. It also helps the water retention of soils, which reduce runoff and erosion that can pollute our water and helps to conserve water.
  • Supports a local economy. About 700 jobs are supported by Minnesota’s composting industry, which produces $148 million in gross economic activity per year. The composting industry supports four to eight times more jobs on a per ton basis than landfilling operations.

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1. Why is the City starting an organics collection program?
2. What are the benefits of organics recycling?
3. What day is my organics recycling picked up?
4. How do I get started?
5. This is overwhelming - do you have any tips?
6. What if I'm not sure I want to participate in organics recycling?
7. What if I am already a Vierkant customer?
8. Can tea bags go into the organics bin?
9. What if I only have a small amount to put in my cart?
10. Is there a smaller sized cart available?
11. What can I put in my organics cart?
12. Can I opt out or decline a cart?
13. How much does this program cost me?
14. How often is my organics cart picked up?
15. What is the difference between biodegradable vs compostable?
16. Can I change the size of my organics cart?
17. Can I use regular plastic bags to collect organics?
18. Who will collect my organics recycling?
19. How is organics recycling different from backyard composting?
20. Will collecting organics make my house smell?
21. What should I do if I'm already backyard composting?
22. Where do my organics go?
23. Do other cities in the area have organics programs?
24. Does the City provide free kitchen pails?
25. Can businesses in Edina participate in the organics recycling program?
26. Will residents of multi-family dwellings be charged for the program?
27. I want to promote this on social media. What hashtags should I use?
28. I use my garbage disposal for food scraps. Should I keep doing that?
29. I live in an apartment/condo and I would like to participate. How do I get started?
30. What should I do if I want to participate, but I don't have room in my garage?
31. Are brown paper bags acceptable?
32. How do I know if the item is recycling or for the compost/organics recycling?
33. I really like these handle bags that I received with my cart. Can I get some more?
34. How can I prevent or get rid of maggots in my organics recycling cart?
35. My organics cart was not picked up on my scheduled day. What should I do?
36. Do the materials have to be bagged before putting inside the cart?