How do I get started?

You will receive an organics recycling cart in April. If you already have a Vierkant Disposal organics cart, you will still receive a new cart and your current cart and service will convert to yard-waste only. Organics collection begins May 1.  

Collect organics in a BPI-certified compostable bag. These bags can be purchased at retail locations such as Jerry’s Do It Best Hardware and Linden Hills Co-op. Remember, only bags labeled "BPI Certified Compostable” that meet ASTM D6400 standards may be used.

People typically line an old ice cream pail or small trash can with a compostable bag to collect food scraps. Once the bag is full, tie it up and place it in your organics cart. Organics carts are picked up weekly on your trash day.

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1. Why is the City starting an organics collection program?
2. What are the benefits of organics recycling?
3. How do I get started?
4. Can I opt out or decline a cart?
5. What if I am already signed up for Vierkant's organics program?
6. What can I recycle in my organics cart?
7. How much does this program cost me?
8. When does the fee for curbside organics recycling start?
9. How often is my organics cart picked up?
10. Can I change the size of my organics cart?
11. Can I use regular plastic bags to collect organics?
12. Who will collect my organics recycling?
13. How is organics recycling different from backyard composting?
14. What should I do if I'm already backyard composting?
15. Will collecting organics make my house smell?
16. Where do my organics go?
17. Do other cities in the area have organics programs?
18. Does the City provide free kitchen pails?
19. Can businesses in Edina participate in the organics recycling program?
20. Will residents of multi-family dwellings be charged for the program?
21. I want to promote this on social media. What hashtags should I use?
22. I use my garbage disposal for food scraps. Should I keep doing that?
23. I live in an apartment/condo and I would like to participate. How do I get started?