What City facilities have been closed to the public?

The following facilities are closed to the public:

  • All playgrounds, restrooms and drinking fountains in City parks are closed
  • Braemar Arena, 7501 Ikola Way
  • Braemar Field, 7509 Ikola Way
  • Braemar Golf Course, 6364 John Harris Drive
  • Braemar Golf Dome, 7420 Braemar Blvd.
  • Centennial Lakes Park, 7499 France Ave. S.
  • Edina City Hall, 4801 W. 50th St. 
  • Edina Senior Center, 5280 Grandview Square
  • Edina Art Center, 4701 W. 64th St.
  • Edinborough Park, 7700 York Ave. S.
  • Edina Liquor, 3943 W. 50th St. (Delivery services available)
  • Edina Liquor, 5013 Vernon Ave. S. (Delivery services available)
  • Edina Liquor, 6755 York Ave. S. (Delivery services available)
  • Public Works & Park Maintenance Facility, 7450 Metro Blvd.
  • South Metro Public Safety Training Facility, 7525 Braemar Blvd.

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1. What City facilities have been closed to the public?
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