When will I get my vaccine?

Even though we have two vaccines approved for emergency use, it will still take time before everyone can get it. There are currently a limited number of vaccine doses available to states from the federal government. This means there is not enough vaccine for everyone who wants one yet.

The goal for the first, limited doses of COVID-19 vaccine is to immunize for impact – meaning Minnesota is offering vaccine to those at highest risk of getting COVID-19 and those most at risk of severe disease and complications if they get COVID-19. The first groups to get vaccinated include health care workers and people who live and work in long-term care facilities. Those people will be contacted by their employer or facility when they are able to get vaccinated. More information on the next eligible groups will be available in the coming weeks.

Minnesota is also vaccinating a limited number of adults ages 65 and older as well as educators (pre-kindergarten through Grade 12), school staff and childcare workers. Because of limited vaccine supply, there are only a small number of appointments available. For more information, see Stay Safe MN: Who’s Getting Vaccinated.

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