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1. What facilities have reopened to the public?
2. What City facilities are closed to the public?
3. Are parks, trails and open spaces open to the public during the COVID-19 outbreak?
4. Is group play banned in Edina?
5. Where can I report cases of people not adhering to Gov. Tim Walz’s Stay-at-Home Order or Edina’s ban on group play?
6. Are playgrounds open during the COVID-19 outbreak?
7. If I already registered for a camp, class, event or program scheduled for spring, what's happening?
8. Have pedestrian movement changes been made for the Bredesen Park Trail?
9. Is tennis and disc golf allowed during the ban on group play?
10. Can I still take my dog to the off-leash area at Van Valkenburg Park?
11. How can I find out what else has been postponed, canceled or changed?
12. How can I stay informed about City actions?
13. Can I reserve a park shelter or picnic table?