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1. Are there specific hours the general park areas are open?
2. Is alcohol allowed in the parks?
3. Is smoking or vaping allowed in parks?
4. Do you have a lost and found?
5. May I reserve a park if I do not live in Edina?
6. Do I have to reserve a park shelter building in order to use it?
7. Do I have to reserve a picnic shelter in order to use it?
8. When I reserve a shelter building or picnic shelter do I have exclusive use of the park as well?
9. What is the capacity for park shelter buildings?
10. What is the capacity for picnic shelters?
11. Are there park rules or regulations?
12. Is there staff present at the park when I have my event?
13. Does staff take care of setting up a shelter building/picnic shelter when it is reserved?
14. Do you have a refund policy?
15. Am I allowed to have an inflatable at my event?
16. Do you close the shelter buildings during the skating season due to cold weather?