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Tree Protection Escrow Refund Request

  1. Instructions

    Please fill out this form to request the release of escrow under the City's Tree Protection Ordinance. 

    You will need to submit this form at two different times to get your entire escrow released.

    1. Upon issuance of certificate of occupancy - up to 50 percent returned
    2. 36 months after certificate of occupancy issued - up to remaining 50 percent returned

    Please visit the Tree Protection Ordinance page (opens in new tab/window) to learn more about requirements to get your escrow returned.

  2. Documents You Will Need

    To submit this request, you will need to upload:

    • A list of trees planted that includes quantity, species and tree dbh in inches or height in feet. Use a new version of Table C of the Tree Protection Escrow Worksheet (PDF opens in new tab) or upload a spreadsheet, handwritten list or other document.
    •  A site survey or map showing where each tree is planted. This can be a detailed map, annotated photo or hand-drawn schematic. 
    • If your escrow request involves only a few trees, a single map with the required tree information will suffice.
  3. Required unless your tree list already includes a map

  4. Optional. Use if you have a second map or other relevant information.

  5. Refund Stage*
  6. This should be no more than 50 percent of the total amount in escrow, unless you are forfeiting it all.

  7. Does the escrow refund amount go to the listed permit applicant?*
  8. Public Data Advisory*

    Most or all of the information you submit on this form is considered public record and would be released upon request.

  9. Submission Information

    Please note that your submission is encrypted for data security, so you will not receive a copy of your submission by email. 

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