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Multi-Residential Parking Garage License Application

  1. Requirements
    Multi-residential parking garages in Edina must be licensed annually and are subject to inspection. The fee is $100 per garage (overall structure, not individual units).
  2. You may apply for a license for up to four residential garages owned by the same person or business on this form. For more than four, please submit a second form.
  3. About You
    The person filling out this form is the applicant.
  4. About the Owner
  5. About the Parking Garage(s)
  6. This is the person who will be contacted for inspections. Please note the license will not be issued until after the required inspection is completed.
  7. Do You Need Another License?*
    Do you need to apply for a license for another residential garage owned by the same person as above?
  8. Third License?*
    Do you need a license for a third residential garage owned by the same person?
  9. Fourth License?*
    Do you need another license for a fourth residential garage owned by the same person?
  10. Application Fee
    Parking Garage Application Fee
  11. Price per garage
  12. Number must match number of licenses you requested above.
  13. Questions?
    Contact Licensing Specialist Elena Roberts at 952-826-1656.
  14. Data Advisory*
    The information you provide on this form will be used to consider your license. Some requested data is private. Private data is available to you and the City or State staff who need this information to perform their duties but is not available to the public.
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