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Vendor Information and Certification

  1. About This Form

    The City of Edina's Finance Department requires those receiving payment from the City to provide a W9 and up-to-date financial contact/Remit To information.

    Use this form to:
    - Submit a copy of your W9
    - Update contact information for those authorized to provide banking information and change the Remit To address
    - Update your Remit To information
    - Provide any other contact information such as sales, accounts receivable, etc.
    - Provide proof of certifications

    DO NOT INCLUDE bank routing or financial account numbers with this form.

  2. Provide W9

    We will pull business information off of your W9. Please complete the additional information on this form as applicable.

  3. Most common file types accepted including JPG, PDF, DOC, DOCX, TIF, etc.

  4. Financial Contact

    We will contact you separately for banking information.

    Please list the proper contact for banking/payment receipt information who has the authority to change the remit address.

  5. Electronic Payments*

    Are you interested in payments being made to your business electronically?

  6. Remit To Information*

    Is the Remit To the same information as listed on your W9?

  7. Other Contacts

  8. Accounts Receivable Contact*

    Is there an A/R contact other than the person(s) already listed on this form?

  9. Other Contact*

    Is there another contact you would like to provide, such as in sales or customer service, that would be a contact for financial information?

  10. Certifications

    Please check any applicable certifications, supply last certification date and upload a copy of your certifications obtained through the Minnesota United Certification Program, the Office of State Procurement (OSP) or the Central Certification Program (CERT).

  11. Certification Type

    Check all that apply

  12. If you marked "Other" certification type, please provide a brief explanation and upload proof in the upload section below.

  13. Please list last certification date for any of the certifications you checked.

  14. Use if you have more than one

  15. Questions?

    For questions regarding this form or the vendor payment process, contact Accounting Clerk Lonnia Jefferson at 952-825-0411 or

  16. Public Records Notice*

    Some information you provide on this form, such as your business' certification type, is considered public record and would be released upon request. W9s and financial information are not public records and would not be released.

  17. Leave This Blank: