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Renouncing Discriminatory Covenants Assistance

  1. The Just Deeds project helps property owners rejective restrictive covenants on titles to their real property. 

    About Discriminatory/Restrictive Covenants

    Restrictive covenants were tools used to prevent people of some ethnicities, races or religions from buying or occupying property. According to the University of Minnesota project Mapping Prejudice, approximately 2,800 residential properties in Edina have racially restrictive covenants in their deeds. Learn more (link opens in new window) about covenants in Edina or how to find them on your own.

    Minnesota law now allows property owners to remove discriminatory language from property titles. 

    Applying for Assistance

    To get started with help finding and removing restrictive covenants from your property, please fill out this form and click Submit at the bottom. A volunteer expert will contact you directly about your property.

  2. Property must be in Edina

  3. Is anyone else listed on the property title?*

    Usually a spouse or trustee. This is important because all people on the property title must sign the documents to reject restrictive covenants.

  4. You must provide an email or phone number to be contacted for assistance. Otherwise the Just Deeds project will be unable to assist you.

  5. Public Data Advisory*

    Some of the information requested on this form is private information under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. We will use this information to help you find and remove restrictive covenants on your property and to communicate with you about your request and the Just Deeds project. We may provide this information to our partners in connection with your request, including other government entities, pro bono attorneys and title professionals. 

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