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Renouncing or Discharging Racially Restrictive Covenants

  1. Racial Covenants in Edina

    Minnesota law now allows property owners to remove discriminatory language from property titles. According to the University of Minnesota project Mapping Prejudice, approximately 2,800 residential properties in Edina have racially restrictive covenants in their deeds.

  2. Steps To Take

  3. Contact Your Title Company

    If you find a covenant, you can hire your title company to discharge the racial covenant from your property deed. Fees for this vary. Or you can wait for the City to finish the process to join the Just Deeds Project.

  4. Receive Updates About Just Deeds Project and Removal of Racially Discriminatory Language

    The City is joining the Just Deeds Project to help homeowners who need free legal and title services to remove discriminatory language from property titles. If you would like to be contacted for more information on this, please fill out this form and hit Submit at the bottom.

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