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Centennial Lakes Park Summer Entertainment Performer Application

  1. Greetings to all performers interested in applying for the 2022 Centennial Lakes Park Summer Entertainment lineup! We welcome applications from all types of family-friendly performers.

  2. Submission deadline: Jan. 31, 2022
  3. About the Series
    • Evening performances are held 7-8 p.m. Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays
    • Performers need to arrive at least 1 hour in advance to set up
    • Children's performances are held 11-11:45 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Summer performances begin in June and run through the end of August
  4. About the Venue
    • Concerts are held outdoors in a family-friendly setting
    • Performers are under the cover of the amphitheater
    • Attendance varies greatly. Average attendance is 350 people
    • Performers will need to bring their own equipment
  5. Payment Information
    • $150 stipend for evening performance
    • $250 stipend for 11 a.m. children's performers
    • Payment is processed in advance and will be made at the performance
  6. Please use your act name, such as Town Hall Band or Trolley to the Land of Make-Believe

  7. Please supply the name and contact information for the booking agent or person responsible for the performer's calendar

  8. Performer Information

    Please provide the following so we can know more about your performance and, if chosen, to help promote your appearance at Centennial Lakes Park.

  9. This photo may be used for promotional purposes if you are selected to perform.

  10. Please paste a link to a YouTube or other performance video

  11. Link to a second video

  12. Have you played at Centennial Lakes before?*
  13. Which performance slot are you applying for?*

    (choose all that apply)

  14. Select a date between June 1 and Aug. 30. This date is NOT GUARANTEED. 

  15. Pick date between June 1 and Aug. 30. Date not guaranteed

  16. June 1 - Aug. 30. Date not guaranteed

  17. June 1-Aug. 30. Date not guaranteed

  18. Selection Process

    The Selection Committee will review and discuss the samples provided by applicants and determine the top candidates to offer a position on our schedule. 

    • Mid-February: Committee finalizes choices
    • End of February: Selected acts are contacted to confirm dates and performance
    • March 28, 2022: Deadline to return signed contracts

    Contact Person

    For questions, Contact Assistant General Manager Chris Rotty at 952-833-9583 or

  19. Data Waiver*

    Information you provide in this form is considered public record and would be available to persons requesting it. 

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