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Mayor's Commendation Nomination Form

  1. Mayor's Commendations

    Awards are given in these categories:

    Mayor’s Service Club Commendation: Awarded to an organization that has made outstanding contributions to the community at large.

    Mayor’s Individual Service Commendation: Awarded to an individual for outstanding and exceptional volunteer service to the community at large.

    Mayor’s Outstanding Senior Commendation: Awarded to a senior citizen for outstanding volunteer service within the community.

    Mayor’s Youth Commendation: Awarded to a young person who has demonstrated a commitment to improving the quality of life in the community.

    Mayor’s Commendation for Service to Youth: Awarded to an individual or organization making a positive impact on the lives of Edina youth.

    Mayor’s Community Involvement Commendation: Awarded to a City employee for outstanding volunteer service to the community above and beyond his or her position with the City.

    The deadline is April 1. The 2020 Community Volunteer Recognition Reception originally scheduled for Monday, April 27, has been canceled. Awards will be presented at a City Council meeting later this spring or in another way.

  2. Mayor's Commendation Nomination

  3. Mayor Jim Hovland will present six commendations at the event. Do you know of a deserving individual or organization? If so, fill out this section to make a nomination!

  4. Please select the category of Commendation for your nomination.

  5. Please share letters, news clippings, photos or other documentation that may help with award selection.

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    Some of the information you provide on this form is considered a public record and would be released upon request.

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