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HalloBoo Station Application for Organizations or Businesses

  1. Black cat and ghost riding in car for Halloboo event

  2. HalloBoo Drive-Thru

    Join us for a spectacular alternative to door-to-door trick-or-treating in Edina this fall as we strive to offer a safer option for kids. We are looking for organizations and businesses that want to host a booth/station or be a sponsor at our drive-thru event Oct. 28.

  3. When is HalloBoo?

    5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020

  4. Deadline to Apply

    4: 30 p.m. Sept. 30. Station spots may fill before then, so apply early.

  5. Details to Know Before You Sign Up Your Business/Organization for a Station

  6. How HalloBoo Will Work

  7. Be a Sponsor, Donor or Station Host*

    Support our community's children by sponsoring or donating to this event. If you're unable to host a station, this is a great way to participate.

  8. Apply for Your Business or Organization to Particpate

    Sponsors, donors and station applicants, please fill out this section.

  9. Please paste URL in box

  10. Please describe in a few words.

  11. Event Information

    We ask the following so we can best vary the route and ensure similar themes are not next to each other.

  12. Will you be handing out goody bags?*

  13. Please describe items you expect to be in your goody bags. If not offering bags, what are you giving the children?

  14. Describe your theme, if you have one

  15. Describe if you know some that might be worn

  16. Public Data Notice*

    The information you provide on this form is considered public data and would be released upon request.

  17. What Happens Next?

    Apply by Sept. 30. Groups will be notified Oct. 2. Those applying for sponsorships or donations will be contacted soon.

  18. Questions?

    Please contact Recreation Supervisor Nicole Gorman at

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