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Organics Recycling Poster Contest

  1. About the Contest

    Create a poster about organics recycling, and you could win prizes and have your artwork featured on utility boxes throughout Edina, the City of Edina website and on social media.

    The contest is open to all Edina residents. Prizes are awarded in each age group: elementary school, middle school, high school and adult.

    Limit 1 entry per person.

  2. How To Enter
    • Create a poster 12 inches wide by 18 inches tall
    • The poster must include the theme words "Return to Earth: A Compost Story" and the hashtag #EdinaRecycles somewhere in the design
    • Save your artwork as a high-resolution jpg (300 dpi). If the artwork is done on paper, take a photo of it to submit.
    • Fill out this form and upload your artwork to it to enter. If the artist is under 18, an adult must complete sections of this form where noted.

    Deadline to enter: Feb. 1, 2022

  3. Prizes

    Prizes are awarded in each age category.

    • First place: $100
    • Runners-up (2 per category): $50 each

    Winning artwork will be shown on the City Website and social media channels during International Composting Week in May 2022. It also will used to create wraps of utility boxes throughout Edina.

    Prize money comes from a Hennepin County grant.

  4. Entry Form
  5. School name or write "homeschooled"

  6. If the artist is under 18, enter the email address of the parent or guardian.

  7. Artwork should be designed for 12 inches wide by 18 inches tall. (Upload a high-resolution jpg at 300 dpi). 

  8. Young artists might want to tell the judges what their artwork shows or what they want people to learn from it.

  9. Original Artwork Confirmation and Release Form Acknowledgement*

    If the entry is from someone under 18, the Parent or Guardian named at the top of this form must complete the following steps:

    You must read the Submitted Photo and Artwork Policy (PDF opens in new tab) before agreeing to the below.

  10. Public Records Notice*

    Most of the information you provide in this form is considered public record and would be released upon request.

  11. Questions? More information?

    For more information about organics recycling in Edina, visit For questions about the contest, please contact Organics Recycling Coordinator Twila Singh at

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