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Organics Recycling Pledge Form

  1. Commit to reaching your full potential as a recycler with organics recycling

    Please fill out this quick form.

  2. Organics Recycling Collection Day*

    This is typically the same day as your trash and recycling day.

  3. To reach my full potential as a recycler...*

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  4. Postcard Message*

    If you received a postcard in the mail, which message was on it?

  5. Public Data Advisory*

    I understand that the information I provide in this form will be public data. Public data is available to anyone who makes a request for such information.

  6. Questions / Contact Information

    If you have questions about this pledge or organics recycling, please contact Organics Recycling Coordinator Twila Singh at 952-826-1657 or email

  7. After Your Submission

    Once you submit the form, you will automatically be sent to the main Organics Recycling webpage where you will find FAQs, lists of what you can recycle and more. If above you requested more information about organics recycling, we will reach out shortly via email. Thank you for your participation.

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