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Tom Oye Human Rights Award Nomination

  1. About the Tom Oye Human Rights Award

    The Edina Human Rights & Relations Commission honors a person or group annually with the Toy Oye Human Rights Award. This award honors the late Tom Oye and other members of the Edina community whose good works promote human relations and advance human rights.

  2. Nomination Criteria

    Nominees for this award will be evaluated based on their efforts to foster respect and dignity for others, model courage and/or compassion in the advancement of human rights, and demonstrate leadership by example for improving human relations and/or advancing human rights. The definition of human rights includes freedom from discrimination because of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, marital status, disability, status with regard to public assistance, familial status or national origin.

  3. Nomination Deadline

    Nov. 9, 2020

  4. How to Nominate Someone

    Fill out and submit this online form. For additional information or to request a paper nomination form, contact Race & Equity Coordinator Heidi Lee at

  5. Nominator's Contact Information

  6. Nominee

  7. Note: Nominee must live, work or study in Edina.

  8. Supporting Information

    Please provide a description of why you believe this person or group deserves the Tom Oye Human Rights Award. You can type or paste directly into the text box below or use the Upload field to upload an existing document (this can be in a variety of file formats including .doc, .txt, .pdf, etc.). If you have any other information in support of your nomination, please provide necessary supporting documents by uploading those. Please include your name on uploaded materials if possible.

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  10. Use this field to upload a document with your description of why this person or group deserves the award (unnecessary if you filled out box above). Or use to upload other documentation, photos, etc. supporting your nomination.

  11. What Happens Next

    The Human Rights & Relations Commission will review the nominations and make a decision in mid-November. The award will be handed out at a December City Council meeting. The commission may decline to make an award if, in its view, no nominee meets the criteria.

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    The information you supply on and with this form is considered public data unless specifically exempt. Public information would be released upon request.

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