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Program/Class Proposal for Parks & Recreation

  1. About Proposals

    The Edina Parks & Recreation Department offers activities, classes, education and programs for all ages and abilities. We welcome proposals as we are always looking to add new offerings to our residents and people from nearby communities.

    Programs are to be educational only. We do not allow sales pitches or direct sales as part of any program. 

    This is not a job application. If you are interested in a job in the Parks & Recreation or other departments, visit

  2. Please give a short summary of your background and qualifications to teach/lead this class or program. We might require proof of certification or licenses, if applicable.

  3. References

    Must provide at least 2

  4. If proposing more than one, please use a separate form for each one.

  5. Describe your class or program in 40 words or fewer. This description may be used in publications or promotions, so aim it for possible attendees. Do not include false statements or external sites/places to learn more information. Examples of descriptions can be found in issues of the Activities Directory (opens in new tab).

  6. Category*

    Choose the category that best fits your proposal. If accepted, it might be listed in more than one category.

  7. It is best to choose from the listed categories, as that is how our Parks & Recreation catalog is grouped. However, if you feel none of those apply, please list your ideal category. We will group your program to best fit our system.

  8. One Session Class or Series?*

    Will your program be a one-session event or will it be a series?

  9. Please upload a syllabus or outline, if you have one. Most file types accepted.

  10. Proposed Program Days and Times

    Provide when you would be available and would like for this class or program to be scheduled.

  11. Days of the Week*

    Choose all that apply

  12. Times*

    Choose all that apply.

  13. Have you taught this program elsewhere?*
  14. Where else have you lead or are currently leading this program?

  15. Are you willing to teach this class in an outdoor setting?*
  16. Please note any special room or equipment requirements (dance room, TV, fitness equipment, etc.). Note that you may be required to provide your own equipment, based on City availability.

  17. Class / Program Fee

    For programs charging a fee, Edina follows a 70/30 reimbursement based on registration fees from the total number of participants enrolled.

    • 70 percent goes to vendor
    • 30 percent to City of Edina

    Edina's portion includes providing the space for the program, registration management, marketing where applicable and set-up assistance if arranged in advance.

  18. My proposed program...*
  19. Do you carry independent contractor liability insurance?*

    Proof might be required, if applicable

  20. Are you a current City of Edina employee?*
  21. Promotional Information

    Please note by supplying this information, you agree it can be used by the City of Edina in the listing, marketing or other promotion of your class or program.  Do not include your personal social accounts. 

  22. By uploading this image, you agree that you own the rights to it and consent to the City of Edina to use it in marketing and promotion. (Most file types accepted including jpg and png.)

  23. Publicity / Marketing Waiver*

    The City of Edina takes photos and video of classes and programs for use in marketing and promotion. By checking the box below, you agree to grant permission for photos/videos and their use.

  24. Public Data Advisory*

    Most or all of the information you submit on this form is considered public record and would be released upon request.

  25. What Happens Next

    When you click Submit, your application will be sent to the appropriate staff for review. 

    You will be automatically redirected to the Parks & Recreation homepage. If you see that page, your submission was successful.

    Please note you will not receive an email receipt or copy of your submission as it has been encrypted for data security. 

    We will contact you at the email or phone number you supplied on this application. It might take up to a month, depending on the number of applications and staff availability for review.

    For questions, contact the Parks & Recreation Department by email or call 952-826-0367.

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