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Edina Aquatic Center Group Request Form

  1. Advance reservations are required for groups of 25 or more
  2. This Form Is Only a Request
    You must receive confirmation of your reservation before your visit to the Edina Aquatic Center.
  3. Availability
    Between noon and 4:30 p.m. weekdays only July 5-Aug. 17.
  4. Cost
    $9.50 per person (including non-swimming children or chaperones) group rate plus tax. Group rate applies to 25 or more paid admissions.
  5. Payment
    Pay at arrival by credit card, cash or organization/group check. Personal checks are not accepted.
  6. Must be a weekday between July 5 and Aug. 17.
  7. Choose between noon and 4:30 p.m. A selected time does not mean it is available. Your date request and reservation will be confirmed via email.
  8. Choosing Your Length of Stay
    We recommend three hours of swim time for each group. If other groups are not scheduled, we may be able to accommodate a longer time block. However, we have found three hours is usually the perfect length.
  9. Minimum of 1 chaperone per 10 children.
  10. Is Your Group Tax Exempt*
    If yes, you will need to upload your tax-exempt form in the next step.
  11. Adding The Lost Wave*
    The Lost Wave is our Flow Rider Surf Simulator. Admission can be added for your group for an additional $5 per person. Additional waivers and rules apply.
  12. Important Group Visit Information
  13. - All adults and children that are swimming must wear appropriate swim attire. No street clothes allowed.
  14. - If your group is larger than 200 people you must divide into two separate field trip dates.
  15. - We generally only schedule one large group or two to three small groups at a time.
  16. - If children in your group play in Oakwood Forest (the dry play area), please provide a chaperone in that area.
  17. - Food may be purchased at our Galley Grill concession stand. No outside food or coolers allowed, however there is an adjacent area to the Aquatic Center where groups may gather.
  18. - Bus parking is allowed in the main parking lot just east of the Aquatic Center. Southdale Center mall also can accommodate bus parking.
  19. - Please remind your participants to be respectful of others and of Aquatic Center Property. A list of pool rules will be sent with your reservation confirmation.
  20. Confirmation*
  21. Public Data Advisory*
    Some of the information you submit on this form is considered public data by law. Public data is available to anyone who makes a request for such information.
  22. Questions?
    If you have questions about group reservation, please contact Edina Aquatic Center Assistant Manager Dawn Beitel at or 952-833-9543.
  23. When Is My Reservation Confirmed?

    Submission of this form is not a confirmation. It is only a request.

    When you hit the submit button, you will be returned to the Aquatic Center webpage. Your submission will be sent to the group coordinator. 

    You will be notified by email when your request is approved or to arrange a different date or time.

    You must receive a reservation confirmation from Edina Aquatic Center staff before bringing your group.

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