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Off-Leash Area Permit Application

  1. When off the owners property, all dogs and cats must be leashed. When you got out for a walk or run, your pet must be leashed at all times, including in City parks.

    The off-leash dog area/enclosed dog park at Van Valkenburg Park is the exception.

    Dog Park rules:

    • Dogs must wear the off-leash collar in the park at all times.
    • Open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily unless posted otherwise
    • Dogs must be properly vaccinated
    • Leash required on dogs entering or exiting the park. 
    • No glass containers allowed in the off-leash area
    • No smoking
    • No female dogs in  heat
    • No dogs known to be aggressive
    • No unauthorized equipment, vehicles or bicycles
    • Children under 6 not allowed inside off-leash area; children under 12 must be closely supervised by an adult
    • Dog owners are responsible for damage or injuries inflicted by their dog
    • Owners must properly clean up after their dog
    • Users must follow other rules posted at the park
  2. Get an Off-Leash Collar
    • $25 for Edina residents per dog
    • $50 for non-residents per dog
    • Collars are good for the calendar year
    • Fill out the form below for a collar.
    • Discounts are available for multiple dogs. For a discount, visit the Police Department office at City Hall, 4801 W. 50th St., during regular business hours.  
  3. Purchase
    Off-Leash Dog Area Permit
  4. Price*
  5. Owner Information
  6. Collar will be mailed to this address. Must be in Edina city limits to qualify for Resident fee.

  7. Dog Information
  8. Sex of Dog*
  9. City/Jurisdiction Where Dog Is Licensed*
  10. Pricing Note: You must pay non-resident price ($50) for this off-leash permit/collar unless you are an Edina resident. Make sure you checked the correct price above.

  11. Public Data Advisory*

    Most of the information on this form is considered public record and would be released upon request. Credit card numbers are not public record and would not be released. 

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