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Decline Delivery of Organics Recycling Cart

  1. About the Program

    For the City's new organics recycling program, all single-family, double- and multi-unit complexes (3-8 units that already have residential recycling service) are scheduled to receive a 35-gallon organics recycling cart in April 2020.

    The City of Edina hopes all residents will participate in this important program to reduce trash and greenhouse gas emissions and meet State of Minnesota and Hennepin County waste reduction goals. Learn more about the program on the Organics Recycling page.

    Questions about the program? See our FAQ.

    Residents may decline a cart, but like our basic recycling program, they will be charged their share of the program cost. The organics recycling program fee is $5.50 per household per month and will show up on quarterly utility bills beginning in May.

    If you would like to opt out of receiving a cart, please submit this form before March 31, 2020.

  2. Current Vierkant Organics Customers

    You will not be charged twice. You will still get a new organics cart from Vierkant in April. Your current Vierkant organics cart will remain and become a yard-waste-only cart.

  3. To Make a Change

    If you change your mind after submitting this form and want to receive a cart, please contact Organics Recycling Coordinator Twila Singh at 952-826-1657 or email

  4. Public Records Notice*

    Some of the information you supply on this form is considered a public record. That information would be available to anyone who made a public records request for this data.

  5. Submissions

    Once you submit the form by clicking the Submit button below, you will be returned to the Organics Recycling webpage. If you see that page, we have received your submission.

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