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Mobile Food Unit License Application


  1. 1. Application Details
  2. 2. Insurance
  3. 3. Food Handling Procedures
  4. 4. Food Safety Tips
  5. 5. Submission
  • Application Details

    1. A Mobile Food Unit is a food and beverage service establishment that is a vehicle mounted unit, either:
      1. motorized or trailered, operating no more than 21 days annually at any one place, or operating more than 21 days annually at any one place with the approval of the regulatory authority as defined in Minnesota Rules, part 4626.0020, subpart 70; or
    2. 2. operated in conjunction with a permanent business licensed under this chapter or chapter 28A at the site of the permanent business by the same individual or company, and readily movable, without disassembling, for transport to another location.
    3. Edina Mobile Food Unit (MFU) Regulations
      MFUs may operate only as an accessory use to a Taproom, Winery, Distillery, or Cocktail room in an industrial district. Or, in conjunction with an event with prior approval from the City.
    4. MFUs must obtain a license from the City of Edina Health Division prior to operation. This process may include plan review of new MFUs if not completed by another Health Department.
    5. MFUs must pass an annual fire safety inspection by the Edina Fire Department (EFD) and comply with EFD requirements provided in this application.
    6. MFU must meet Department of Transportation regulations to operate or park on public ways.
    7. License Fee
      License Fee
    8. Price