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Seasonal Permanent Food Stand License Application


  1. 1. Application Details
  2. 2. Insurance
  3. 3. Food Safety Tips
  4. 4. Submission
  • Application Details

    1. A seasonal permanent food stand is a food and beverage service establishment that is a permanent food service stand or building, but operates no more than 21 days annually.
    2. License Fee
      License Fee
    3. Price
    4. Mechanical refrigeration is required for potentially hazardous foods; ice filled coolers are not permitted for food storage. Home kitchens may not be used.
    5. Mechanical refrigeration is required for cold storage of potentially hazardous foods; coolers and ice are not permitted.
    6. Food must be kept a minimum of 6 inches off the floor and protected from contamination.
    7. Include soap and single-use towels at the hand-washing station/sink.
      Note: A handwash station/sink capable of providing warm, continuously running water, is required.
    8. All utensils must fit into the sinks or containers used for warewashing.