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Edina History Books

  1. Edina History Books

    These books capture Edina's history in words and photos.

  2. History and Architecture of Edina, Minnesota
    By William W. Scott, A.I.A., Jeffrey A. Hess
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  4. History and Architecture of Edina, Minnesota
  5. Book Description

    Like many of the suburbs surrounding central cities, Edina is often regarded as a post-World War II phenomenon, and, indeed a great deal of development that has occurred in the community dates from that period. However, Edina is more than a product of the 1950s and 60s. The City has a long and impressive history that spans over 125 years. History and Architecture of Edina, Minnesota by William W Scott, A.I.A., and Jeffrey A. Hess is a report on buildings of historical and architectural significance in Edina. It represents the results of a historic building survey of the entire community conducted for the Heritage Preservation Board of the City of Edina in 1979. © 1981 by the City of Edina. Second printing, 1988. 

  6. Edina: Chapters in the City History
    By Deborah Morse-Kahn
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  8. Edina: Chapters in the City History
  9. Book Description

    Once a Civil War milling crossroads of Yankee Quarter, Irish Catholic and freed black farming families and now one of the most beautiful metropolitan communities in the nation, Edina merits a special place in national demographic and historic studies. Edina: Chapters in the City History by Deborah Morse-Kahn is a rich tapestry of historic photo imagery and essays on life in the early days and the modern times of one of Minnesota's most extraordinary cities. © 1998 by the City of Edina. 

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