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2019 Braemar Golf Course Player's Card & USGA Handicap Service

  1. About Player's Cards

    A Player's Card entitles the holder to benefits including advance tee times, reduced green and cart fees, and discounts at the Braemar pro shops.
    Learn more about each type of Player's Card.

  2. Platinum Player's Card

    For Edina residents

  3. Price

  4. Gold Player's Card

    For golfers who live outside of Edina

  5. Price

  6. Silver Player's Card

    For those who play only Academy 9

  7. USGA Handicap Service

    With or without Player's Card

  8. USGA Handicap Service Application Information

    Fill out if purchasing USGA Handicap Service.

  9. Do you play in a league at Braemar?

  10. Gender

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  13. Pickup Instructions

    All Player's Cards should be picked up at Braemar Golf Shop, inside the main clubhouse at Braemar Golf Course, 6364 John Harris Drive, Edina, MN 55439.
    Questions? Contact us at 952-903-5750 or

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