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1. How can I get fingerprinted?
2. Does the City have an alarm policy?
3. Do you allow soliciting in Edina?
4. If I’m in a car accident, do I need to call the police?
5. I received a citation. How do I pay it or contest it?
6. Is there a curfew for juveniles in Edina?
7. How do I get property back or contact the lost and found?
8. How can I get a copy of a police or accident report?
9. I want to thank an officer or Police staff member. How do I do that?
10. Can I file a complaint online against a police officer or other Edina Police Department member?
11. How do I properly dispose of medication?
12. Are there any predatory offenders in the community, and where do they live?
13. Where can I report elder abuse?
14. Where can I get help for domestic abuse?
15. May I park on the street in the winter?
16. How can I make a donation to help prevent crime in Edina?