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1. Can we bring outside food in for a birthday party?
2. Can I create my own activity for a birthday party?
3. When is pottery open studio?
4. Is there a schedule of Art Center classes?
5. What exhibition is in the gallery?
6. What are the Art Center hours today?
7. Is there a cost to view the gallery exhibitions?
8. Does the Art Center host birthday parties?
9. How does an artist display their work in the gallery?
10. Does the Art Center host scout art badge events?
11. What are the perks to being a member of the Art Center?
12. How old do you have to be to take adult classes?
13. Does the Art Center offer private lessons?
14. Does the Art Center have a Media Conversion Studio?
15. How do you register for classes?
16. Why does the online registration system not work or display correctly for me?
17. Does the Art Center offer scholarships?
18. Is the Art Center open on Sunday?