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1. What City facilities have been closed to the public?
2. What City services have been suspended?
3. How can I participate in a virtual meeting of the City Council, Housing & Redevelopment Authority or Planning Commission?
4. Can I still take my dog to the off-leash area at Van Valkenburg Park?
5. What meetings and events have been postponed?
6. What meetings and events have been canceled?
7. How can I stay informed about City actions?
8. Can I expect the same level of service from City departments during the pandemic?
9. Where can I get the best information about the COVID-19 situation in Minnesota?
10. How is Edina Public Schools responding to COVID-19?
11. Can I reserve a meeting room at City Hall during the pandemic?
12. Is the CloverRide circulator bus still in operation on Fridays?
13. How can I help others during the pandemic?
14. How many cases of COVID-19 are there in Edina?
15. Are parks, trails and open spaces open to the public?
16. Is group play banned in Edina?
17. Where can I report cases of people not adhering to Gov. Tim Walz’s Stay-at-Home Order or Edina’s ban on group play?
18. Is tennis and disc golf allowed during the ban on group play?
19. If I already registered for a camp, class, event or program scheduled for spring, what's happening?
20. Have pedestrian movement changes been made to the Bredesen Park Trail?
21. Are playgrounds open during the COVID-19 outbreak?
22. Has trash and recycling service changed?
23. Should I wear a mask in the community?
24. What should I do if I have witnessed COVID-19-related discrimination?