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Cable Provider Concerns

  1. Addressing Cable Complaints
    Comcast/Xfinity operates cable service in Edina. (CenturyLink/Prism discontinued service in Edina in December 2020.) The City does not have regulatory oversight of Comcast/Xfinity and does not have access to billing or customer information.
  2. The City of Edina can reach out to Comcast/Xfinity if Edina customers, after attempting to resolve an issue, do not get an adequate response.
  3. Note: The City does not have any involvement with Internet Service Providers. If you are having an internet issue, please contact your provider.
  4. Step 1
    If you have a question, technical problem, equipment issue or service problem, contact the company first.
  5. Contact Comcast/Xfinity
    Call 1-800-Xfinity (1-800-934-6489)
  6. Mail Bill Payment to Comcast/Xfinity
    Comcast, P.O. Box 34744, Seattle, WA 98124-1744
  7. Step 2
    If you have been unable to get an adequate response from Comcast/Xfinity, fill out the following information. We can contact the company on your behalf and ask them to respond to you. We cannot control their channel packages, pricing or other business decisions.
  8. Please provide the name and information that matches your cable account.
  9. Enter the date you first contacted your cable company to address your issue or question.
  10. Enter date of second attempt to contact company
  11. Type of Problem or Issue*
  12. If you have written correspondence, outage logs or other information important to your complaint, upload it here.
  13. Upload another document or file.
  14. Enter a phone number or email address, in case we have questions about your complaint.
  15. Public Data Advisory*
    Some of the information you provide on this form is considered public data by state law. Public data is released if someone makes a public records request for it. Your cable company account number is not public data.
  16. What Happens Next?
    When you submit this form, you will be directed to an automatic response page. That means your submission was successful.
  17. A City employee will receive your complaint and review it. We will then contact the cable company's corporate office on your behalf. You should receive a response from the cable company within several business days.
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